Say Hello to Spring and Bye to Anxiety With Our CBD Tincture

Why Depression and Anxiety Rates Increase in Spring

The snow has melted, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is finally shining, indicating Spring time is officially here! Spring is a time of renewal (they don't call it spring cleaning for anything) and a time to step outside the convenience of your home and enjoy nature, but for many, Spring time comes with a bag full of anxiety and depression.

The Impact of Spring on Mental Health

Research suggests that depression and anxiety rates peak during April and May due to the increased pressure to engage socially and step out of our comfort zones. By springtime, many people have already embraced the gloominess of winter, and the drastic change in weather can equal poor health for many. These feelings can manifest as a case of the blues, agitation, or heightened anxiety, but they can quickly escalate if we don't take the necessary measures to get to the greener side of the road. 

One of the main reasons these feelings come out during this time, it's because of change. For some people, change is an opportunity to try something different and exciting, while others might feel instability and despair. The transition from winter to spring can be mentally and emotionally draining for many as family gatherings and friend commitments rise.

Spring also ushers and even demands people to be happy. If the sun is shining outside, why wouldn't you? All of which puts a huge weight on people's shoulders, especially for those who are not socially adept. You also see more people going on vacations and taking breaks, but those who don't share that same enthusiasm might feel lonely and even have a sense of not belonging anywhere. 

Natural Remedies for Springtime Anxiety: The Benefits of CBD Tinctures

If you are not embracing the season as others are, you might start to wonder what's wrong with me, when in reality, we all live each scenario as it best fits our lives. For spring struggles, doctors recommend maintaining a journal to record mood, changes in appetite, sleep issues, problems with concentration, and physical well-being. Along with incorporating exercise and making time to relax.

Say Hello to Spring and Bye to Anxiety With Our CBD Tincture 

The emotional alienation from friends and close circles spikes those anxiety levels through the roof, and while there is much-prescribed medicine especially made to treat those symptoms, opting for a natural help is more beneficial than you can ever imagine and our CBD tincture is exactly what you need. 

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Nano CBD Tincture Isolate is essential to help with my anxiety and sleep. Since I have been taking a drop of 750mg a night, it has changed my life! Amazing product at fair prices.

Why Our Nano CBD Tincture is Perfect for Springtime Mental Health Support

Our Nano CBD Tincture is water-soluble and odorless, and one of its amazing benefits is that passes the digestive tract when it enters the body, allowing you to experience the full array of benefits more rapidly. Our tincture is also an isolate spectrum which is the purest form that can be derived from the plant. Thanks to our nano tinctures being water soluble and tasteless, it makes it the perfect addition to your favorite food or beverage. 

So next time the blues start knocking on your door, let our CBD Tincture take those blues away.

Natural Remedies for Springtime Anxiety: The Benefits of CBD Tinctures

If you're struggling with anxiety and depression during springtime, try natural product CBD tinctures. Our Nano CBD Tincture is water-soluble, the purest and derived from an organic plant, providing full-spectrum benefits. Incorporate it into your routine to ease symptoms like mood swings, appetite changes, sleep disorders, and more. Don't let springtime anxiety and depression stop you from enjoying the season. Try our CBD tincture and experience the relief. Browse Mode collection and order now and take the first step towards a happier and healthier you!