CBD Gummies For Sleep

"A good laugh and a long restful sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book," says a famous Irish proverb. This couldn't be more accurate in today's busy world. If you're one of the 70 million people suffering from insomnia, you're probably tired of looking for different alternatives. Whether you suffer from occasional sleeplessness or full-blown insomnia, you know that there are a few things worse than waking up feeling groggy, sluggish, and like you barely slept. Instead of downing caffeine and leading to further restlessness, it's time to discover a new Mode to improve your quality of sleep and achieve healthy sleep patterns and a restful night.

If you struggle with this, look no more! CBD might be the answer for you if you'd like a natural alternative. There are several ways that the hemp plant has been adapted to be used for sleep, one of our favorites being CBD Gummies. Let's take a look at the importance of sleep and how CBD Gummies could be an amazing alternative for you.

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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important because that is the time when your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. A restful night helps support growth and development. Getting inadequate sleep over time can raise your risk for chronic health problems.

Let's take a look at the signs of sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality: 

  • Constant yawning.

  • The tendency to doze off when not active for a while.

  • You're more irritable.

  • Poor concentration and mood changes.

  • Grogginess when waking in the morning.

  • Sleepy grogginess all day long.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you might want to try to find a natural sleep aid to assist with your quality of sleep.

What are CBD Gummies for Sleep?

Sleep Gummies or CBD gummies are CBD products that come in the form of gummies to help improve poor sleep. They are chewy and sweet gelatin candies infused with cannabidiol (CBD). They’re packed with numerous benefits for your mind and body, and they won’t get you even a little high, which makes them perfect for work, family and any other function you can imagine. There's a wide range of Broad-Spectrum CBD gummies with different kinds of organic ingredients that can help you achieve quality sleep.

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My friend suggested Mode CBD gummies. I use these magical CBD gummies daily, and I love them! They relieve my anxiety, and at night I sleep great.

Mode’s CBD Sleep Gummies combine Broad-Spectrum CBD with all-natural ingredients such as melatonin, valerian extract, GABA, L-theanine, passionflower, and chamomile. 

Here's a list of each ingredient and its amazing uses and potential benefits: 

Melatonin: a natural hormone that improves quality sleep.

Valerian extract: a root that also helps combat insomnia naturally.

GABA: helps reduce anxiety and improve mental health, stress, and sleep.

L-Theanine: an antioxidant that promotes relaxation.

Passionflower extract and Chamomile extract: two flowers that promote sleep and reduce anxiety and depression.

All of these natural flavors and organic ingredients are a combination that will help you drift quickly into both of your sleep cycles. 

Fun fact! Cannabinoid receptors have many benefits for the human body, pain relief being one of them. This means that although CBD Gummies are specifically made for sleep, these can also help with pain relief for people who suffer from chronic pain.

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How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take for Sleep?

When it comes to dosage, it's better to do a small test before you try out any product. For our Mode CBD Gummies for Sleep, the usual dosage is 1-2 gummies. You can take them minutes before bed or an hour before bed. This could vary depending on your metabolism and whether you have eaten or not. Start small, then modify accordingly to your desired results. Since the active ingredients interact differently with different people, always make sure to keep track of your results if any unpleasant side effects arise. 

Where to Buy CBD Gummies for Sleep? 

You can buy Mode's CBD Sleep Gummies directly from our website, YourMode.com

They cost USD$45 with free shipping and last about a month! 

Remember that healthy sleep patterns should go along with taking any kind of supplement to achieve a night of restorative sleep. No matter what you do, if you don't implement a good nighttime routine, your quality of sleep with suffer. CBD Gummies have helped many people improve their quality of sleep, and therefore their quality of life. If you're thinking about trying them out, there's no time to waste!

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A good sleep gains you the energy required to kickstart the next day. Sleep better using our CBD Gummies for sleep as it also helps in the improvement of mental health. Give prime importance to relaxation and freshen up your body using our CBD products.