CBD for Dogs

The hemp plant has amazing psychoactive effects in general. We've talked extensively about the potential benefits of CBD oil products in humans, but did you know that our pets can benefit from CBD as well? Just like in humans, CBD oil for dogs can help our furry friends who suffer from issues such as neuropathic pain, joint pain, anxiety, and depression in humans.

Anxiety disorders affect millions of people worldwide. In fact, they are the leading cause of disability in children and young adults. The good news is that these conditions can be treated successfully, and it's the same thing for our furry friends! Let's take a look at the use of CBD oil for dogs, and how the potential benefits of this natural ingredient.

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Anxiety in dogs 

Just like their pet parents, dogs can get anxiety for a variety of reasons. A current study talks about the most common reasons for dogs to feel anxious are abandonment and fear of being home alone. There are also other variables such as loud noises (fireworks, for example), certain experiences like traveling, and/or being around strange people, children, or other pets.

There are several things that you can do to support your dog and help them feel a little better. Most people don't know that a possible treatment that exists is CBD oil for dogs. If you suspect your pet might be suffering from this, it could be a good idea to look into CBD oil for dogs to take advantage of the cannabis plant.


What does CBD do for dogs?

CBD for dogs works very similarly to how it works for us humans. CBD has shown benefits for animals that suffer from different inflammatory conditions, chronic pain issues, joint pain, neuropathic pain, and anxiety.

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Some pet owners also have reported that broad-spectrum CBD has helped with treating their pet's pain (specifically neuropathic pain) as well as helping to control seizures.

Just like in humans, dogs can get a bit of dry mouth when they take CBD as well, so make sure to always keep your pet hydrated while trying this out. Keep an eye out for other potential side effects that could show up. 

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What does CBD oil do for dogs? 

CBD and hemp oil is relatively easy to administer to your pets. Pet tinctures can be easily mixed with their food or water. No matter the form of CBD, your pet will be able to reap its health benefits and therapeutic benefits of it.

It's important that as pet owners, we help our pets the most we can. If continued to be an issue, some things can worsen with time. For example, a current study mentions how some cases of neuropathic pain can lead to even higher levels of anxiety, if untreated. CBD pet products can provide safe, calming, wellness for dogs and cats of every size. Hopefully, future studies will dive a little bit more into CBD oil for dogs, but for now, just make sure to take care of your pet and enjoy the results! 

How much CBD for dogs?

There is no current study that mentions the exact calculation for what is the correct dosage of CBD oil for dogs. However, as pet owners, there are several things we can try and take into consideration while using new pet products. There are several calculators online that can help you determine where to start with the dosage of CBD tinctures. It's also really important that you consult with the veterinary to make sure you follow the appropriate steps.

Once you start the dosage, you can keep a daily log to keep track of your pet's symptoms. Track the milligrams, time of day and your dog's response. This includes sleep patterns, energy levels, symptom relief, and any other information that might be relevant. According to this, you can adjust the dosage until you find something that works for you and your pet!

When trying this out, you can keep an eye out for the symptoms. If you don’t notice any difference in your dog's behavior, you can increase the dose until you see results. Watch out for certain symptoms like grogginess. If your dog seems to be too groggy, you can decrease the dosage slightly until you find the perfect balance.


Where to buy CBD Oil for Dogs?

Our Isolate Spectrum CBD products are perfectly safe for pet consumption. You can start with a couple of drops or 1/2 a dose of our Nano CBD Tincture Isolate Spectrum, or our CBD oil Broad Spectrum 500mg, depending on your preference. Since cannabis products come in different forms, there are many options for you to try out. Our lab-tested broad-spectrum CBD blend is made with a range of supportive cannabinoids and non-detectable levels of THC. On the other hand, our nano CBD tinctures are water soluble, odorless, and tasteless, making them the perfect addition to your favorite food or beverage.

Whichever you choose, they're both completely safe for your pets to consume and are great quality products made out of natural ingredients. Our quality ingredients will ensure the best results for both you and your pet! 

Dogs also love our mode CBD Products

Just like humans, anxiety disorders can hit any creature. Using water soluble nano tincture for dogs has many pros, just like humans. Our CBD products have helped dogs to get rid of specific neuropathic pains. When you give our mode CBD products to your pet, make sure to keep them hydrated.